Sports Specific Training with MORPH FITNESS

Sports Specific Training provides an individual programme designed to enhance speed, agility, balance and strength.

It works on components that any athlete or sports person requires to win. Unlike general fitness training, (which is directed only towards good health and fitness) SST is structured for individual disciplines.

From club level to professionals SST can help get the best results.

The SST that MORPH FITNESS provides enables you to train and prepare for any sporting activity. Using tailor made programmes and professional advice, we will nurture you through pre season and match season training, train you to get the best out of your 10km race, improve your downhill skiing – keeping you free of injury and at the top of your game.

Fitness testing is an integral part of performance evaluation. We perform initial tests at the start of your training and use the results to bench mark your progress. Some of the tests are listed below.

  • Bleep test – a maximal VO2 max test.
  • 1.5 mile maximal run to test VO2 max.
  • Full sit up test – to monitor abdominal strength.

We can comprehensively help an individual or team to reach their targets by ensuring that the training is not only specific to the sport, but also that it encompasses all the components of fitness that it requires.

Let MORPH FITNESS help you reach your goals.


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