Antony Gray APT YMCA CYQ – Advanced Instructor/Personal Trainer Level 3

Photo of Antony Gray

Antony has been heavily involved in the fitness industry for the last five years. He was once a very unfit heavy smoker, who never ate breakfast or lunch. He realised there was more to life then the dreaded weed and junk food, and as a result successfully managed to give it up and sort out his diet, as he was noticing that his health was starting to suffer and the weight was piling on.

Antony is now a transformed person, full of energy and life, and so able to get involved in various sports and activities. He only wishes he had got involved with his new found interest earlier. He now finds participating in sports with his children more enjoyable.

Mountain biking is his main passion. Antony rides both on and off road, and rides between 50 and 60 miles a week. He regularly cycles to work, a 30-mile round trip and takes part in serious off road riding on weekends with friends. Besides biking he loves to run and play as many sports as he can.

Antony felt that he would like to help others benefit from his experiences and so he completed a YMCA Fit Advance Personal Trainer Award in London. It was a grueling 40 week comprehensive course with continual assessments and examinations. It is one of the most highly regarded and sought after in the fitness industry.

He is now a fully qualified personal trainer and feels he can take on clients to help them achieve their goals and ambitions. After having run his own business for the last 14 years he is ready, enthusiastic and eager to take on this new challenge.

Antony is also a qualified Gym Instructor and is fully qualified in both First Aid and CPR. He is fully insured and is a member of REPs (Registry of Exercise Professionals) to Level 3 Professional Advanced Instructor.

All this makes Antony Gray ideally placed to RE-SHAPE YOUR FUTURE.