Fitness Appraisal with MORPH FITNESS

At MORPH FITNESS we offer a comprehensive fitness assessment package to suit everyone. You could be:

  • A sedentary person looking to become more active.
  • Someone keen on improving their current fitness levels, but who is unsure how to progress.
  • A top athlete looking to improve further on your performance.

Firstly, we'll ask you to fill in a health and lifestyle questionnaire to create a better understanding of your current health status, activity levels, and your likes and dislikes in your everyday life.

Secondly, we offer a service whereby we can either come to your house or meet you at one of our local gyms or studios. We then carry out a series of tests, which are very straightforward and not that demanding. There are usually 12 tests. They include:

  • The basics like weight, height, blood pressure, body composition and your BMI reading.
  • A simple three minute step test to evaluate your recovery rate.
  • A short walking test or running test to evaluate your VO2 uptake.
  • A sit and reach test to check on your flexibility and a few other similar tests.

All the data is then compared to what are referred to as ‘Norm Charts’. These are just statistics gathered on what is perceived as the normal/average readings for tests carried out on people of similar sex, age, height and weight etc.

From the results we can discuss your wants, needs and goals. We will then tailor the best programme to help you achieve your goals in the safest and easiest way. After a few further training sessions, or after you have been working with your individually developed programme by yourself, the tests are carried out again and compared to the original results to see how your fitness levels have improved.



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